How to Maintain Your Windows

Cleaning your windows regularly is essential. However, you need to remember that cleaning the windows in your home plays a vital role in keeping it for a longer period and maintaining its appeal.

1. French Panes

French pane windows can be easily cleaned by using a squeegee or a towel that has soft fibers. If you don’t have a squeegee around, you can easily use the towel by spraying a cleaning solution in it. A lot of homeowners prefer a glass cleaner. However, if you do not have access to one, you can use the dishwashing liquid from your kitchen by mixing it with water. If you have a squeegee in reach, a size that best fits your window is the best option. You can also cut it according to the size of the window you have at home.

2. Stained Glass

Are you the type who enjoys colorful windows? Many homeowners also enjoy stained glass windows because of how beautifully it reflects colorful reflection when the sun hits in the morning. Stained glass windows often come in patterns and through various edges to form the pattern, dust and dirt can hide, and it can get tricky to get it out.

If you are faced with tough dirt and dust, you should grab a soft towel to take off that stubborn dirt and dust. It makes that as you try to dampen your cloth, you don’t use hard water to avoid the possible appearance of streaks on the glass windows in your home. Moreover, avoid using abrasive cleaners to get the job done. You can do the same excellent cleaning with less abrasive cleaning agents.

3. Vinyl

Vinyl windows need more delicate handling in cleaning. When cleaning it, you should avoid harsh chemicals to ensure your windows do not suffer from premature color fading. To make a cleaning solution yourself, you can use a homemade solution that can be easily achieved through water and vinegar. This concoction can be easily made in every home because both ingredients can be found in the kitchen. In proceeding with the cleaning process, observe wiping after every rinse to eliminate the chances of having streaks or stains that may be left behind. If you have screens on your windows, you should go ahead and clean them as well.

4. Awning

When dealing with the cleaning of awning Windows, the process is trickier. Make sure to close them first as you go for the first wipe. Clean the internal frame using a soaked towel before proceeding with getting the screen off. The screen can be easily cleaned by giving it a soak in warm water or letting the water run through the screen. Grab a spray ad spray on the internal glass, and don’t forget to wipe afterward. To get the exterior cleaned, rotate to make sure the window is fully opened. You should have a wide opening to have a better reach when cleaning the external glass with the same effort.

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